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I have a couple of headsets to remove (1" threaded) and also one to fit. I'm looking to pick up some tools for this sort of work, so if anyone has anything they want to move on it would be much appreciated!

I'm looking for basic tools to get started: bearing press, crown race remover, cup remover tool etc.

Many thanks!


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If they are for infrequent use a trip to the plumbing department of your local diy store is the cheapest option, even better if like me you had some oddments in the garage!
- white poly pipe type drain pipe is great to use to fit a crown race, something like 32mm? Cut a length, put the crown race on the forks and the pipe slides over the steerer, I used mine like a slide hammer.
- length of 22mm copper pipe with some slits cut in the end so you can slightly flare out the ends works as well as most cup removers

Neither of these will last long enough to do 100s of bikes, perfect for the odd job or two!


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A bearing press made from a length of M10 or M12 studding and penny washers (or the right size sockets from a 1/2" drive) works well for headsets.

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