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    Klein Attitude Mc2 Painted Desert Build Thread.

    My goodness, that looks classy!! I totally love it, and definitely prefer it with XTR full groupset rather than bits here and there. Even if that means changing the seatpost to something silver.
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    1990 Klein Attitude Team Dolomite, full XT

    That was the only cable Martin set! But anyhow, the bike has some mis-alignments that I may correct, or maybe not. I'm glad you like it.
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    1990 Klein Attitude Team Dolomite, full XT

    This is the story of a childhood dream finally come true, a dream that started nearly 30 years ago when my dad brought home an issue of the American magazine Mountain Bike Action. Why he brought it or where he got it, no clue, my dad could not speak English. Anyhow, it was there and inside it...
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    BotM February 2018 - THE VOTE

    Can only be the Alan. I don't visit this forum often, today I did it looking for two things: a Rock Shox RS1 fit to an iconic bike, and a Campagnolo group. And the Alan may not have the RS fork, but it's a masterpiece mounted in Campagnolo. That's everything to me. I just don't like the Flite.
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    Kirk revolution mountain bike

    Hi, is it still for sale?
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    Klein Attitude 1990 Team Dolomite, box fork, S size

    Back into the search... I got an offer in Spain, looks good, but who knows, maybe there is a better one around. Either fuselage or full bike. Deore XT as in the catalogue pics, or a nice Campagnolo por an exotic set. I look for a garage queen, have no intentions of properly ride it other than...
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    1993 Klein Attitude Gossamer M900, £1850

    Re: 1993 Klein Attitude Gossamer M900 Mag 21 (medium) Thanks for informing me of this fabulous bike. However, I am only interested in early boxy fork with Team Dolomite colors. Good luck with the sale!
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    KLEIN Attitude MC1 Flare

    Now I have the doubt... I don't remember it being an article, but rather a first picture at the LA show. The bike displayed was tiny, me being just a child I obviously wanted it thinking it would also fit me...
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    KLEIN Attitude MC1 Flare

    Don't get me wrong, this red bike looks stunning in pictures, so probably in reality it's even better. I just want that Klein in the 1989 December issue of that American magazine that came to my home in Northern Spain that Christmas. I've been wanting that bike since then, with the boxy fork and...
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    Wanted 1989 Marin Muirwoods, white

    Looking for my first bike, 1989 Marin Muirwoods in a tiny size, paint was kind of off-white with purple-blue-pink splatters...
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    Wanted 1991 Gary Fisher Montare

    Looking for my dad's bike, a Gary Fisher Montare from 1991, probably Shimano Deore DX. I remember it in a glossy black with blue stickers, probably the paint had also some blue shadows...
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    KLEIN Attitude MC1 Flare

    Re: Now this a nice one! I am more into Dolomite colours, but still... Who is the Swiss collector?
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    Wanted Klein Attitude 1990/1991, team dolomite colours, size

    Bump for size M. No, it's not that I am becoming taller... it's just I definitely want one.
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    FS: 1991 Klein Attitude Dolomite/Team USA SOLD

    Shame... still looking for my unicorn. But hey, I've waited 23 and a half years, so can wait a bit longer :D Thanks for the reply.
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    FS: 1991 Klein Attitude Dolomite/Team USA SOLD

    Re: FS: 1991 Klein Attitude Dolomite/Team USA £2050 Hello, is it still for sale?