Bike Of The Month December 2005 is Sylvain's ibis ti. Very classy. Place your votes for the January contest now!
Bike Of The Month November 2005 is retrobikeguy's Pace RC-100. A worthy winner - and the first from a UK manufacturer. Place your votes for the December contest now!
Bike Of The Month October 2005 is the Yeti FRO. A worthy winner.
This scan supplied by CK deserves a place on the front page. It's a poster for one of the original Repack Downhill races along with a poster advertising a ride out of Fairfix.
A new section is now up and running on retrobike - Auction Watch. This section keeps tabs on all of your favourite retro searches across ebay.co.uk, ebay.com and ebay.de.
The site has been up and running for four months now during which time we've had over 10000 visits. Not bad I reckon. The forum is always busy with a lot of great bikes to be seen in the Reader's Bikes section and a lot of real interesting scans (including some posted by a Mountain Bike legend) in the Scans section. If you like the site why not link to us from your own site using this html- <a href="http://www.retrobike.co.uk/forum/"><img src="http://www.retrobike.co.uk/images/logosquare.png" alt="retrobike" /></a> If you do so drop us a note here and we'll return the favour.
Bike Of The Month August & September 2005 is Fisherman's Kona Hei Hei. Good work!
Retrobike.co.uk bike of the month July 2005 is Jez's Mountain Goat Whiskey Town Racer. Well done Jez !
Andy from Yetifan has kindly supplied some pictures of last year's UK Retro Meet in Cheddar (the place, not the cheese). The pictures can be found in the gallery, here.
A little late I know, but the report from the UK SSMM retro meet on 26th June can be found in the forum. As a taster here's a picture of the Mountain Goat voted best in show by one and all.
According to http://ibisbicycles.com/ 'Velo Club Ibis returns in September 2005'. A few more details can be found here. Sweet!
Welcome to www.retrobike.co.uk a new website dedicated to retro bicycles. From Fat Chance to Raleigh, from Eddy Merckx to Klein, be it road, mountain or BMX if it's old school it's in. The site features three sections - The front page (here!) The forum The gallery Enjoy! Any comments (good or bad) click here and drop me a note.
Then check out the new retrobike Auction Watch section here.