For Sale Zinn Beater Single speed


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Next on the chopping block! This was an awesome rescue bike! It required a fair bit of work to get it like it is. However it’s far from perfect! The top tube has some slight dents and the top of the seat tube was repaired with a gusset to sort out a crack from the seat tube slot. The bike is built up has a single speed and is great fun to ride. It is getting sold without the rare Gravity Research brakes & levers. So, I can either sell it without any brakes for £375.00 or throw some much cheaper ones on it and sell for £425.00. The wheels alone are probably worth £300.00 so could be a bargain. Wheels are White Industries hubs with Mavic 517 rims, DT Revolution spokes on front. Rear hub is the ENO model. Stem is a Bontrager and the bars are White Brothers Titanium. Headset is a Stronglight. Chainset is a TA with a 38t chainring. Freewheel is a White Industries and the Single speed chain tensioner is a Paul Components. Frame is 18.5” but I’ll measure it all up properly first chance I get.
I’d prefer people to view it before saying they’ll have it. The frame is not in perfect condition! Viewing at PR7 7EL. Any questions feel free to message me but please be aware I’m quite busy and it may take me a while to reply.
Bike without brakes/ levers £375.00
Bike with cheaper alternative brake set £425.00
Parts off this are now up for sale!


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Last edited: bars … build…interested to learn of more detailed frame dimensions if this ends of being split.