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On my never ending quest to collect all the Zaskars I’ll list what I’m after for a wall display. These will be in addition to my fully built bikes.

14.5 , 16 and 18 sizes.

Must be in good condition. No dents or cracks but also just generally a nice frame. I’m happy to buy full bikes too.

If it’s on eBay or FB as a correctly advertised item I will have seen it. Ie Zaskar in the title.

I’ve owned nearly all the colours in the past but stupidly let some of them go when I felt I had too many. Now I’ve learned there’s no such thing as too many.

1 . 1998 Acid green Zaskar LE.
2 . 1998 frost blue Zaskar LE
3. 1999 Zaskar LE team colours
4. 1997/8 Zaskar LE BB
5. 1999 Cosmic Sunrise LE
6 1998 Acid Blue
7. 1999 Hot blue
8. 1999 Hot mango
9. 1995 ink blue
10. 1997 Frost red
11. 93 Purple 3dv
12 . 91/92 U brake

I’d also look at any BB frames from 93-98 which are good / cheap
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Cheers. Not one for me at that price /spec unfortunately unless it comes down a couple of hundred.
HIs response:

:LOL: ok mate. Frame was 480 back in late 90s and it's got 1200 worth of stuff put on it in 2000/2001. Last of the USA made frames. Brakes alone where 400. Bike hardly got used and all bits are like new. Hasn't even got any anodizing worn off chain rings on crank. I'll keep hold of it to collect dust rather than sell for 150.
It’s been for sale for ages. It’s a parts bin special in my eyes apart from fork hence why he’s never gonna sell it at that.

Plus I’ve now noticed it has a rear disc so likely has had an adapter bodged on.

Ideally I’m holding out for nice condition ones (with decals) which I can buy as frames or full bikes to split the bits off and recoup most of the outlay. This is neither unfortunately but thanks for trying.