YETI FRO reborn 1990 meets 2021


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IIRC name Goran which may explain why no original receipt as he had for the C26 FRO Ultimate. If it sounds like him then I would love to hear about the frame as no visible serial no and dating it has proven difficult with FTW stating early frame with later fork/stem ?.


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Thanks for reply. Not looked on here for a few days. I don't know much about the frame either as i bought it second hand from a guy in New York via retrobike around 2005/6 i think. I can't remember the name of the guy i sold it to either, sorry, but i do remember that i initially sent it to sweden via parcelforce and it got returned to my london address delivery having failed. I was at furniture making college at the time so my mate Karl and me wangled a travel grant to go to Copenhagen on a "field trip" to look at Danish furniture design. We got some very cheap tickets to Malmo. I took the frame on the flight with me and dropped it in the swedish postal system, we then caught the train across the big bridge to Copenhagen and had the mother of all nights out drinking very strong Danish Christmas beer. Very little furniture research was done.