WW2 foldable klunker bike - Kent


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Expensive, but a real piece of cycling history, as they say find another one. I'm posting in the mtb section because I'm fairly certain these bikes were designed primarily to ride off road, not sure 1940's para's were expecting to find miles of nicely paved roads when dropping at night behind enemy lines, more like fields, meadows, tracks and trails, and I imagine the designers took that into account.

Looks completely original.


Extremely Rare 1st Model Twin Tube Airborne Forces Folding Bicycle, this type of bike was the first model design with twin tubes leading to the leather seat, this was soon replaced with the more common found single tube versions. This example retains nearly all of its original paint finish to the frame. Front section with the BSA makers mark. Original handle bar coverings with BSA makers mark. Original chain and pedals and war economy marked tyres. The front section of the bike numbered 548076 and 83841. Leather BSA marked saddle shows some wear with the leather becoming dry and flaking in places. Repair kit pouch fitted to the back. Overall this is a superb example of an extremely rare item of Airborne forces equipment. It is believed that approximately 60,000 examples of the folding bike were manufactured by the BSA between 1942 and 1945. The majority of this number were the later single tube design. Only a handful of twin tube examples are known to exists around the world with many museums not having an example. They were famously issued to the British Airborne Forces who parachuted into Normandy on D-Day and Arnhem later in 1944. They were issued these bikes as a way for the troops to quickly cover large areas of ground in a quiet manner as they were behind enemy lines. However many of the paratroopers found these cumbersome so abandoned them soon after landing. The bikes were held out in front of the paratroopers when they parachuted in behind enemy lines. Many famous wartime images can be seen of these bikes in use. The vendor acquired the item with other items from the estate of the Chief Clerk of the 6th Airborne division.

In the right hands this would come up lovely, a really unique and interesting bike, it's silhouette screams 1970's klunker.

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Pashley made (or make) a modern version, think its called a Tube Rider. Not foldable.

They come up fairly often for £150 - 200.