Wtd: frame set to suit campag Euclid group


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I’ve got a Euclid group set and wheels here doing nothing so would like a frameset that would suit it. Maybe a roberts or similar? WHY?


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Yo, can only offer inspiration for this project... two options based on magazine review of the group set

1. Bromwich Cyclone frameset plus Euclid groupset (as seen in “Bicycle Action” some time 1989-90

2. Chas Roberts “Phantom” frameset plus Euclid groupset (as seen in MBUK sometime 1990)

Option 2. probably more interesting , as the Roberts frameset review was testing the new Columbus Max OR tube set , and the Campag was a extra

Now this post is purely on memory, 1. Is certain 2. need to check references

Oh! there is an option (3) Velo Tout Terrain VTT featured a YETI Ultimate with Campag Euclid !
a combination of mtb plus french language enable me to not fail GCSE !

Am sure plenty of other options out there , enjoy the research process

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I don't think there will be a definite answer on this, as you could really apply the group to whatever frameset you like (take a look at my Kona Explosif build where I have recently done just that for instance viewtopic.php?f=6&t=422122 ).

However, a few manufacturers do spring to mind if you are looking for something that might have had Euclid as OEM spec:
- Zinn
- Klein

I also think some of the early team Raleigh frames where Campag equipped so that would be cool of you could find an appropriate non-replica frameset.
Good luck with the search :)


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The original review in Mbuk was on a white Roberts if I recall correctly - it’s what I have in my mind when I think of the Euclid groupset.


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Interested in a restoration project? I have a 1989 Olmo "50 th Anniversary" frameset (frame, forks, stem). The frames is Columbus Max OR (can it be more Italian to go with your Campa groupset? ;) )

It needs a respray, though, as I had some cable stops brazed on.


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FAT CITY CYCLES had a relationship with Campag in 89/90 so a Wicked from this era would also fit the brief.