Why does my headset rock?

Apart from getting the correct crown race, what do you mean by the below statement:
I’ve really tried to compress the upper “clamp” to ensure the forks are pressed tight

Can you tell us in order the steps you did to tighten the headset and bolts on the top fork crown and the stem?
Quick update yes it was the crown race.
I took it all apart and tested it and it doesn’t fit well even in your hand.
I then tried another race on another set of forks and that one fitted snugly, no play.
FSA sell one for £5 which I will buy but since this headset was destined for another bike and used as a quick fix, I’ve ordered nukeproof horizon bearings. Let’s hope they come with the race :)

Existing “race”:

The one I tested from another set of forks…
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That fork crown race doesn't look right to me.
The eBay special FSA headset should have come with all the parts, including the crown race.
With older style loose ball bearing headsets you can sometimes get away with using a different crown race, but with these sealed bearings the diameter and angle of the race/bearing carrier has to be correct or you'll have problems.
I know it's a bit of work, but I'd take it all apart & confirm you've got all the correct parts in the right order.
If you're missing the crown race then get onto the eBay seller about it.

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I did find this, but the diagram is a bit useless and nothing is labelled. I couldn’t spot a crown race on there….
That’s actually an exploded drawing as the bearings are out, and they are fixed when you actually receive one…
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