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Hey guys,

i am, i confess, a muddy fox fan :D however it is a great shame there seems to be no fansite of such..well i may regret saying this, but if/when i get the time, (& after ive learnt to use my girlfriends mac) ill be doing a mini fansite of my own..

i do remember, many noons ago, a thread on here (have looked but cant find) where somebody posted some info regarding muddy fox, in the uk, in the early days?? i think he worked for/with them??

it would be really cool if i could get some info/history regarding the brand, & anything else thats relevant, even if its just for interests sake.

p.s its gota be pre 92' (when they got bought out & went cheapo!!??)

thanks in advance,

its a sort of biking history , about 4 pages on MF , few pics of the early ones
fan site?

I'd love it if there was some sort of fan site on Muddy Fox. Make it happen!

Here's mine from '88...


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That's wonderful! My friend had that Courier (with a luminous paw print disc wheel) and i lusted over it so much. A really solid ride.

I'm a fan of Muddy's of old and would love to get my hands on an interactive pro.
Post subject: who knows what about muddyfox!

GeoffApps":26g4mpzx said:
Muddy Fox:

The Company was started by Drew Lawson and a greek shipping magnate whose name, like most greek shipping magnates, is neither spellable nor pronouncable.
The story as I learned it goes thus:
They bought a French bicycle company, which may have been Hirondelle, (or possibly Motobecane) which had gone bankrupt. They opened a shop in Cavendish Street in order to flog off the stock they had acquired, and very rapidly became aware of the burgoning mountain bike movement. The factory in France was still functional, so they quickly designed a MTB and had it built. Added to that was a marketing budget way bigger than any of their competitors. Eventually the bikes were bought in from the far east, where a great variety of machines were on offer, just waiting for the Muddy Fox decals to be applied.

The Muddy Fox's marketing kick started the popularisation of mountain bikes in the UK. They were especialy popular machines with the late 1980's, London bike-couriers.
My LB mechanic has a very old MF,its black with gold decals ,i cant remember the spec but its likely to be all original,the Bars are also original an are a strange design ,i cant remember what theyre called ,but its a quill which splits into two stem sections then to the bar itself,the whole thing is one piece and looks pretty heavy
He's promised me some pics for the forum archives before he has the paint redone
Its a real cracking looking bike
I think i'll make him up a questionnaire so he can list it all down,i think its all quality S/tour but i cant remember
Must remember to get those pics