Where to buy 7 speed freewheels


Dirt Disciple
Looking for a 7 speed freewheel to replace a worn out Sachs 13-32 ARIS one on my tandem. The bike has a Shimano mech though, so that *should* make finding indexing freewheels easy.
I'm really struggling to find one that's a 13-32 or 14-32. They all seem to either be 13-28 or have a massive jump from 25 all the way to 34 which my deore LX won't handle (I want to stay in spec because of the power delt with on a tandem)
I'd really like to get a freewheel that has more rationally spaced gears than the mega range ones and some sort of hyperglide like teeth since on the tandem sometimes shifting under some load is unavoidable.

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