Where can I get Mafac straddle cables?

It's true that the full kit to make your own would cost a lot less than $150... more like £15, and 15 minutes.
Depends though on how original you want the cable ends to be.

Somewhere in France there's a little drawer with 1000s in!
Somewhere in France there's a little drawer with 1000s in
So true! They are probably reading this thread sniggering to themselves whilst swimming in cable ends. Will they ever sell them? Non! And then one day they’ll all end up getting chucked out once they have passed away and no one can deal with all the stuff that’s been hoarded.

Hang on, this could be me!!! 😳🤣
You could always try french Ebay or similar.

I got some Mafac Racer (long) from somewhere mid-south of France and they were reasonably priced even with post.
Communication was minimal though - they may well not speak english.

A quick search:
13.2 euro but vendor doesn't specify postage.
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After a few hundred miles on hope and xtr hydros, there i was on campy chorus monoplanars, not enjoying a long high speed decent😪

And they are way superior to mafac.

Like many bicycles parts, they did get better and better over time.
... but if we want originality, our braking expectations have to live in the past. 🙄

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