What's the best pad replacement for these old uns


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So I bought a mid 80s Condor Italia last year, the calipers are a set of Dia Compe G and in lovely nick but the pads are a bit old to say the least.
The previous owner must have had some NOS Open 4CDs mounted onto the old Suzue hubs at some point, however the CD rims don't match the bike nor the hubs in all honesty (and zinc spokes doh!:oops:) so will probably get some traditional silver wheels that are more fitting.

So, I'd like to keep the holders if possible and put in some new pads, failing that, what other options do I have in terms of having a holder/pad that will look ok with the brakes and obvs work (as in work to stop me:LOL:) with a trafitional box rim. I had some Shimano 600EX that seemed to have some nice pads in them but can't remember what exactly they were.

any help appreciated