What tools do you use ? 🛠 Park, Draper, Pedros, Lezyne.

What brand of bike tools do you prefer?

  • Park Tools

    Votes: 13 56.5%
  • Draper

    Votes: 2 8.7%
  • Lezyne

    Votes: 3 13.0%
  • Pedros

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Snap on

    Votes: 1 4.3%
  • Mix of any old thing

    Votes: 9 39.1%

  • Total voters
I branched out from Park about 2 yrs ago.. tired of overpaying for hype plus blue handles.

Bought a Lezyne Torx multitool. Metal handle - good piece of kit… ‘cept the very first time I used it (bleeding an old set of Avid Juicy Sevens) the tip of the Torx sheered off, flush with the reservoir bolt on the levers. Luckily this was on completion of the bleed.. because I’ll never be
able to rebleed them again now..

That, and I’ll never use Lezyne again..
I don't believe any one brand currently makes all the best tools for bike work. Having said that I like Park stuff though and have replaced failed tools such as chain tools, cone spanners and freewheel splined tools with this brand. If I had been asked this question in the 1980's I would have answered Campagnolo without hesitation, not that I ever could afford their wonderful wooden boxed tool set! I have been building up my tool kit for some years and my mixed selection of tools reflect this, especially when lifting the dead-weight huge metal toolbox around! Used for working on bikes, cars and motorbikes. Socket sets ranging from 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" - Elora, Draper, Teng, Machine Mart. I always say you cannot have too many socket sets in various combinations. Tools including VAR, Campagnolo, Hozan, Sykes Pickavant, Elite, Shimano, Tacx, Cobra, Britool, Draper, Kamasa, Cyclo. Does a track pump count as a tool? If so my wooden handle Silca is still going strong 28 years later. I also have a small selection of duplicate tools in an accessible smaller box for when I am in a hurry and can't be bothered heaving the big box out. I always clean tools after use and and am somewhat OC about putting them away properly!
Thank you all for your helpful comments.

I generally agree with you all. Whilst lots of tool brands I’ve never really heard of or maybe noticed. Good to hear some of the Park tool stuff is worth the price, sad the nice looking Lezyne stuff not mentioned so much.

Prior to my own slow build of randome tools this last 20years I used my dads 40year old stuff. Including those classic dumbbell box spanner’s for the old bmx and a set of monkey grip pliers.

I generally feel it’s time to tidy up the set and make it a bit more matching or with a few higher quality items of those that are in regular use, as a few of u have suggested.

Usage is general maintenance of 10 mid 1990s bikes and a once a year build at present.
Old mechanic's saying:
"If you buy an expensive tool, you cry once. If you buy a cheap tool, you cry often."

I bought the cheap chain breaker. It broke on the first chain. Went back to the store and exchanged it. Didn't break, but it sucked. The pin wasn't aligned with the bore, so it would wiggle all around when tightening. Then I got the Parks for xmas from my wife. Night and day difference, and I open some extremely rusty chains
After 40+ years of wrenching on bikes I have built up a fair mix of tools in my box, have some Park tools which are lovely especially the cable cutters, have some Snap-on too. Many years back we had some Crescent ratchet sets at work bought myself one of those that is nice, looks like Snap-on and works nicely too.

Some of my absolute favourite tools are the Facom ones my Dad got me when he was working for an offshore engineering firm, have 2 x1/4 drive socket wrenches and several screwdrivers fabulous quality still going strong after 30+ years. For specialist bike tools I have been buying Topeak nicely made at a reasonable price.
Always invested in quality DIY and Bike tools. Saves a fortune in the long term and means things get done properly faster with less swearing or blood loss 😂
Always invested in quality DIY and Bike tools. Saves a fortune in the long term and means things get done properly faster with less swearing or blood loss 😂
Could have invested in autographed nudist MTB photos from my hols to the black forest in Germany..

Feel the fool now don't ye
The best tools are always a mixture. The joy of tinkering is that you can build up a vast collection of tools and debate them at the pub as much as the bike you are working on!
Park Tools made by Bondhus in the USA are quite simply a no-brainer, such as, cone spanners and hex-keys. My first ever specific bike tool was a Park Tool folding hex key set that is now approximately 30 years old and still going strong. Saying that though, a lot of Park's far eastern made things are not that good.
The best cable cutters I have ever used are by Hozan (made in Japan), they just never blunt. A friend of mine, Bruce Dance, who writes tech docs for Sheldon Brown's website, agreed that they are as good as you can get - super high quality steel and designed so that they can be easily re-built and re-sharpened.
Apart from that, most tools are auto related and thus over built for bikes - so take your pick from the various manufacturers!