What to do with a cracked syncros seatpos?


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Thought I’d scored a tidy seatpost on a bike recently. Sadly I discovered this shortly after.

Is there any value in the post as is? Or the clamps could help someone out I guess. Dunno what to do with this, defo don’t fancy riding it, I know that much ;-)

I had the same.
Took mine apart and drilled the end of the crack to stop it propagating further.
Filled the hole and crack with body filler, and used epoxy to glue the top piece into the tube.
A quick respray of the collar and looks good as new.
Will I ride it, probably not, it’s for my RTS Team “garage queen”.
You could chop below the crack, then remove the glued-in head from the offcut, file and sand to get a nice fit in the shortened tube, prepare and glue it back in with whatever they used in the first place.
Been done.

It could easily be stronger than a cheap Internet post.

And given how it broke it could be stronger than another syncros post as yet unbroken but carrying 2 decades of fatigue in the top section.

Or recycle and say its days are numbered. 😪
Or maybe someone’s got a cracked top and their post is fine if so but they’re post and re apoxy? Make one good one from two dodgy ones maybe

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