What kind of wheel weight should I be aiming for on a '99 B17 for a bit of trail use?


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Evening people,
I am putting together a Marin B17 and want to use it for a bit of everything - kind of free ridy stuff I guess. What would be an acceptable wheel weight for that kind of thing do you think? If you can recommend some tyres as well that would help I think.



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Wheel weight?? Generally, heavy = stronger.
Wheels are a combination of hubs, spokes and rims and each can have a bearing on both strength and weight.
I assume you're looking for something in keeping with the bike and 26", so my first choice would be Mavic rims, probably the DH rims such as the EX729, EX721, or D321 if you're running discs, the D521 if you have V brakes.
Halo Combat are another solid choice for rims, available as Disc and V brake.
Hubs/Spokes have less of a bearing on weight, you may need disc hubs depending on your brakes. You may also need a 20mm through axle depending on your fork.
Tyres, again depending on the frame and fork, see what will fit and get a decent size. Tioga Factory DH 2.3" work for me and just about fit most things.
Lots of choices, options and opinions.


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I'd go with almost any modern tyre over retro.

B17 is a great bike. Depends on fork, but I'd go 1 x 10 and you'll save a hit of weight. Probably be able to get 30lb easy


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Thanks folks, yes I am going modern for the tyres, I've already got a 521 on the front, with a Pace RC 50 ( that needs attention - something's fallen off...) hub and a Nokian Gazzalobos ( ????? ) and the rear has something else I have never heard of before ( a Quad X Country Mamba ) and a Nokian Gazza without the Lobos. I am thinking of replacing the tyres with Panaracer Fires or Schwalbe...something or others but the Tiogas sound like a good suggestion.

Thanks again, I'll keep you posted



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521 will last forever! Looks like Merlin cycles has a sale on Maxxis.. Get some High Rollers or Ardent .... Merlin has em both in 26" Gazzalodi's wear like iron, but are slippery when wet.