What freehub is this?


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Hello Roadies, Is this a campag freehub?

I need to service these lovely tunes before I put them on my mongrel road build. Whilst I’m replacing bearings I’d also like to get the drivetrain sorted.

it looks like it yes - not the standard campag pattern but some were made like this to reduce weight or whatever. If it's not shimano then it's campag, there are vitrually no other options anyway
I think we have some replacement tune freehub bodies at work if you get stuck. They're not cheap though. 😬
That said, you shouldn't need to replace it unless you're swapping to shimano.
Thanks chaps, once I get into the guts of this I’ll know a bit more on condition. Hopefully it’s just a degrease and bearing replacement.
Campagnolo sprockets have either 4 or 8 mounting tabs. While not a hard and fast rule, alloy Campagnolo pattern bodies usually have 8 notches, while steel ones often have 4 or 5 notches interspaced with relieved sections to accept the additional tabs.
Last night a mate picked me up on some of the above - a more detailed review can be found here.
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And sometimes I get caught out. Wanted a wheel for use on a turbo trainer - 32 h with a Campagnolo-style freehub so I can run an old Campag cassette and use a spare rim I've got knocking around. Couldn't find a cheap hub then found a used 9-speed wheel for less than what people were asking for hubs.
Except there was a reason for it being cheap - now I've got it, it's not 9-speed, it's 8. On the off-chance I tried a spare 9-speed body and as I expected, it won't fit into the hub.