What causes this? Steerer scratches Bob Jackson Audax


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That's a possibility KermitGKona88, they'd have definitely clamped them at some point, they did after all have to put a crown race on them.
This frame was an ex display model at Bob Jackson so it may have had a few imperfections Midlife, can't say I remember the scratches being there on the steerer though.
Might take it to a very good bike shop I know of and get them to check it over as I'm having trouble finding the sweet spot on that headset without some sort of rocking under braking force, I can usually set them up ok but this one's got me beat.


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I don't think it's connected. There's no obvious source of anything making the scratches and if it's not making a scraping sound then it's not making contact.

I've struggled with Tange headsets (and the newer Stronglight ones of the same design come to think of it). Had them on two bikes and both have been the same sort of fight that you described - either too tight or too loose, and really difficult to find the sweet spot. They're either completely intolerant of any misalignment or they're a bad design. Either way, I've struggled with them.


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I've got it booked into a LBS on 24th of this month Jonny69 they should be able to sort it with a bit of luck.

You're completely right about the struggle with setting those things up. I've noticed the keyed bit on that lock washer is quite short and rounded by design so doesn't engage properly into the slot on the threaded portion of the steerer so when you tighten the lock nut down it moves with it. Bit of a daft design.
I reckon if you could swap out that washer for one that engages a bit better it might eliminate that issue.

I'll have to resort to riding my mtb everywhere for the time being.



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I guess if we didn't encounter these problems from time to time we wouldn't be getting the full experience of riding and maintaining a bike. All part of the rough and smooth of being a cyclist.

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