What are the nicest 10-speed levers?

jim haseltine

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It's the levers that put me off having Shimano on my road bikes - no one thing, it's a combination - I find them uncomfortable, with the bodies feeling too bulky when I'm riding on the hoods and the pivot action doesn't seem to suit me either. The gears on the other hand are great - if there was a Campag-style lever which would work them properly without some sort of cable pull converter then I'd think seriously about changing.


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Tiagra 4700 are as good as 5800/6800 in action/looks. The word Tiagra rubs off easy :D
You will need 4700 or 5800, 6800, 7000, 8000 mechs as pull ratio is same as 11. Also front mech is longer arm.
Anybody on a budget who has 5800 and up 11 the 4700 mechs work perfectly, as does the chainset. Done a few with 5800 11 speed levers (I had them), 11 speed cassette and rest Tiagra 4700.
So 10 speed 4700 upgrade to 11 can just be levers/cassette and chain presuming your wheels can take 11 speed cassette.

I've omitted Dura Ace from above on cost grounds.


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It sounds like you’d be upgrading your bike to 11-speed if it wasn’t for this? If you are using a wheel-off trainer with a 10-speed cassette then unless you are spending huge time using it you can ride an 11-speed bike but leave the 10-speed cassette mounted on the trainer. I do this- I mainly use my 10 speed (Shimano 105) winter bike on the Neo and just leave the 10-speed cassette on it. But my wife occasionally rides her 11-speed road bike (newer Shimano 105) and I sometimes ride my best bike on it too (DA9000). Surprisingly everything works fine- quiet (but not silent), smooth and no need to adjust the range limit on the rear mech.