What are some of the best 26" MTB forks for rim brakes?

Fatal Swan

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I've always been keen on the Manitou Mars forks as a lightweight V & disc fork.

For the brakes, performance wise I've founnd the XTR (M950, 960, 970) and the higher end Avid models (Mag, SD7, 25) much of a muchness in that they're all really excellent - though I'd recommend XTR M950 levers to really get their potential out of them.


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V brakes, I've got Paul's, m95x, m970 and avid ultimate black ops on builds. All are really nice and stop well. Kcnc vb1s look great and work, super light too but imho the brake levers are too light and a bit flexy as a result

Avid SLS, sd7s are good.

Box v brakes look nice, never had a set. Gusset made some similar ones.

Onza hola, odyssey did some v brakes similar to marinovstive ones. Controltech did some very nice v brakes, had a set once, regret selling them.


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Best forks? Bombers from Marzocchi, plentiful, easy to service, lots of models available. Coil/air, travel options.
Not sure when they dropped the rim brake mounts but still had them in 2003.


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SID or a marzocchi marathon. Sid is lighter but without the quality dampening and rigidity of the marathon.

xt are better than xtr
avid arch supreme
avid supreme black ops
hershey racing


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Magura Rond Quake air forks 2000/2001ish. Rare but not much sought after at all. Light, pretty, lovely and plush.

Damn right! There are a few versions to choose from too. A cut above the old offerings from rock Shox, Fox et al, and on a completely different planet to Pace!