WANTED Kore seatpost in 27.2 or 27.0


Dirt Disciple
Hi there,

for my '96 Zaskar I'm looking for a KORE seat post in black and 27.0 mm or 27.2 mm. (explanation before anyone thinks I'm crazy: I do have a professional frame-builder reamer tool to carefully widen the seat tube from 27.0 mm to 27.2 mm)

The seatpost is preferably from '96, but later examples should work as well.

I do have a black Syncros post in 27.2 but weirdly I don't want to use it with the Zaskar. Probably because it has the matching KORE stem. To me the Syncros post and KORE stem are a weird combination... so there: a KORE post is needed :roll:

Thank you!!