Wanted Various wants- XTR, mavic rim, x-lite, Lx canti, etc.


Dirt Disciple
Various little bits for 3 or for different projects- you know how it is!

XTR m950 or derivative front mech. 28.6 bottom pull.

-Same as above but 28.6 top pull.

1x complete black m550 deore LX cantilever brake.

1x mavic 217 SUP CD rim, 32 hole.

1x mavic 217 SUP ceramic rim, 32 hole. Bonus if laced to a shimano rear hub or even a m950.

Kona A-drive and B-drive tyres.

Original 1992/93 kona saddle.

Bontrager BCX rims (or full wheels if lx/kona hubs).

X-lite L-168 stem, silver or red. Or twos my arm with any other tasty british made stem of the period.

Red/purple/sliver x-lite seat clamp, 31.8

1x or even a pair of red Marzocchi bomber Z2 adjusters.
I have a avocet kona saddle, kona tyres, deore lx canti's, mavic 217 sup possibly - pm if interested