For Sale Various components Ringle, Nuke Proof, Coda, Spinergy, Mavic etc


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23/02/2024….:Reduced the price of many components.


Good morning friends, crazy like me for fat wheels, I hope I can make happy some of you who are looking for some of the components that I have decided to sell.

I started to organize a small part of the warehouse and some components no longer fit into my plans, so here they are for you.

All components are also on sale on other platforms, I am available for any further information, prices are negotiable so I will evaluate possible sensible offers.

I am more inclined to sell and not to exchange but I can evaluate possible exchanges.

I can ship anywhere via international couriers (FedEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc.).

Thank you for taking the time to read this sales announcement.

Here are the components:

1. Ringle Bubba Super Duper Rear Hub, excellent condition, 32 holes, for 8S Shimano, in Gray color.
Request: Euro 180 —> Now SOLD

2. Nuke Proof Front Hub, excellent condition, 32 holes, natural aluminum color.
Request: Euro 70 —> Now 50.

3. Pair of Spinergy Spox Wheels used but in excellent condition, recently serviced, new stainless steel bearings, 8V Shimano.
Request: Euro 375 —> Now SOLD

4. Coda M701 crankset, excellent condition.
Request: Euro 150 —> Now 130.

5. Rock Shox Mag 21 fork arch, NOS, from Two Wheel Performance Products, with blue anodization.
Request: €120

6. Mavic Cross Max first series front wheel, used but in excellent condition.
Request: Euro 120 —> Now 100.

7. NOS rim for Mavic Cross Max first series front wheel for sale. Request: Euro 70.—->SOLD

8. Set of spare parts for first series Cross Max Wheels, consisting of a pair of hubs in excellent condition and a set of spokes and nipples. Request: Euro 80 —> SOLD.

9. Pair of Crank Brothers pedals, complete with cleats, (new) in excellent condition. Weight of the pedals alone 235g.
Request: Euro 40 —> Now 30.

Sorryyyyyy for my bad English!!!



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