Unknown large flange flip-flop


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It's of no real consequence but I'm interested... I'm taking on a restoration of an early 70's falcon in the coming weeks. I was thinking I'll go fixie/ss.

To do this I am going to build up a flip-flop hub i have in my bits-box. This hub isn't one of mine, it's one of my dad's from the 50'/60s.

I was interested to know the provenance. It is Madenin England
It says 'Birmingham', with 'A PILLxxxxx' or something above it with a castle? logo..
Patent 59613 maybe?
Thoughts appreciated. Cheers


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Thanks @ferrus it's definitely on of those
The Hardwn logo has rubbed off, and the text that says ' A PILLAR OF INDUSTRY' is partially rubbed off. Thanks!


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Great, they were an interesting company.
I’m very fond of my Hardens, their bearings seem superb and still run smoothly. Some owners with much more experience of them are apparently less impressed though


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Thank you gents . First ride on it for this year tomorrow . I will take a couple of pictures .
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