Swap Ultimate Machine Co. Fork Crown (Rock Shox Mag 21)


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I am looking for the same fork crown in virtually any other color but black. Your possible trade also has an aluminum (or titanium- I will throw a little cash on top of the trade) steerer tube of equal or greater length. If no steerer tube with yours, we can sort that out via IM. Must fit Mag 21 forks.

The crown is in VGC
The crown is for Rock Shox Mag 21 forks
The steerer tube is aluminum and not NOS/NIB; approx 260 mm long with star nut installed.
Does not come with any M5 hardware to tighten the legs to the crown.

4B62758D-BDC3-4C78-B19C-21803F9CB300.jpeg E79C9171-EB64-4E34-8A70-6DA8E952D562.jpeg 05A71922-4DFB-44E1-8D63-89C09BC67A29.jpeg 18314BF2-4D39-4F22-A099-C9494F0DC92B.jpeg 1AB08D01-EB03-44F9-9370-36CFE0B00329.jpeg ED81F7DC-7AD2-443D-A746-2C922A1EC91C.jpeg AC53BA52-8776-4E2D-B4B2-717FC7FA3976.jpeg 2F4437F5-48DA-4E55-8853-49381FE178F0.jpeg
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Are the steerer tubes replaceable on these? For instance if I had a 1 inch version but wanted to make it 1 1/8?