Trek 990 22" frame


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I was randomly browsing German local Ebay and I noticed this: ... 4-217-3882

I don't even know if the frame is worth the money but it's gotten into my head... I looks like the real OG Surly with a fitting size for me. I guess the 22" isn't so popular?

The more I look at what people have built with those Treks, the more restless I get and I'm really considering contacting the seller if he's willing to post... Of course with the help of Google Translate...

Should I worry about it or continue learning for my electrical qualification exam? :D


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They are very good frames.

Most were made in the USA but later ones were made in France.

That one is from 1990/91.

I've got one hanging around somewhere but it's a whole bike but it's about an 18" I think.

They make really good CX/gravel bike conversions.