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Do you ride one of your old bikes and then notice something is not right but do not fix it immediately. You put it off, take another one of your bikes out, let's face it, we have a few and then forget what was wrong with the bike you stopped riding.
Just happened to me, I put my old Dawes Hybrid in the shed 3 months past because the drive chain felt all crunchy and imprecise then forgot about it.
Dug it out she'd recently, examined it top to toe, could not remember the problem. Rode it, found problem was simple and fixed it. One new chain later its riding perfect DOH!!!! :oops:
Embarrassed I did not sort it out at the time. If I had only one bike I would have fixed it. We old bike collectors have too much choice ans so put off stuff maybe a little too much. :facepalm: :oops:


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I do it all the time, ends up costing me a fortune as I try to keep them as pristine as possible. All part of the fun of retro MTB
:LOL: :cool:


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MacRetro Rider

I find an issue and take a part off another bike to fix it, then forget that bike is now not rideable, then repeat again... and again... of the few bikes I have maybe 2 are rideable at any given time :facepalm: :LOL:


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I was in that boat recently. Came to a head a couple of weeks ago when my only rider developed a brake issue.

Took the bull by the horns and worked my way through my bikes so now have 5 I can just get on and ride.

I was my own worst enemy really, selling bits from bikes in answer to wanted ads, knowing I had alternatives to replace them with, but not doing it at the time, or starting rebuilds and not finishing them.

Now in a good place. I should probably sell anything else I have that's not built up, as I really have more bikes than I will ever need. Still got a couple of projects brewing though, but not going to be pinching parts off the riders so they may still happen.


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Yes, inner chainring bolts are loose or missing on one of my bikes, couldn't tell you which it is. An arse to fix. But I've done the ride it, remember it, fix it a bit later three times now :)
Still not fixed.

or my ISIS and HT2 bottom brackets after a winters riding.

or the stuck seatpost in my commuter.

or the innertubes that need the thorn taking out and fixing.

One has a front mech that's not quite right too, i'll find out which that is at some point.

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Dont know what you mean!

But I now have three bikes with slow punctures and run out of patches. Think I will be riding my current project before I get the others fixed. (patches in the post.....apparently..... still)

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