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Having felt rather pleased with myself for having wrapped up 6 MTB’s & 3 road bikes this year, this thread prompted me to have a count of future planned…. :|

Un-finished RetroBike threads;
2 MTB, 4 Road, 1 BMX
Plus 5 complete MTB’s & 2 road in boxes waiting for threads to start…… :facepalm:

But right now, having just finished 3 complete strip downs, services then build-ups of extended families cobweb choked shed fillers, :roll: all I want to do is ride.

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I thought I was alone with my inability to finish a build!

Orange E2 - got the parts just need to remove a stuck seatpost shim and paint/decals.
Nishiki Alien - head tube repair needed, then paint/decals and it's done.
FSR Extreme - compiling parts.
Kona Muni mula - compiling parts, needs paint and decals too.

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Decided to update and comment on my own post...

Once A Hero":3ue2yyyz said:
I really need to focus on getting one bike finished at a time :facepalm:

Currently projects:
Pace RC100 viewtopic.php?f=6&t=397696 just needs the fork crown re-anodising, off to Acorn Plating shortly, so should be all wrapped up by mid-late September. - Crown received, just no time to fit :roll:
Specialized FSR viewtopic.php?uid=4847&f=6&t=414903 still awaiting Aheadset (though a gorgeous White Industries headset has arrived :cool: ), wheels off being built, waiting on a saw guide for when I have to cut the steerer. Hope to build by end of September. - Waiting on an ‘enhancement’ to the planned wheel build ;)
Giant ATX 990 '96 - Built but not shaken down and no build thread even started :facepalm:
Giant ATX 990D '97 - stalled due to problems with the XTR chainset and chain guide interface, plus I discovered one of the Hope brake levers is leaking after I'd assembled and set it up :cry: Build thread not even thought about :facepalm:

In the meantime I've got a '99 GT Lobo taking up space just sitting waiting for fork fluids to arrive, so it can be sold. - SOLD :cool:

And a '90 Explosif frameset is on the way, so I've been book marking other peoples build threads, and I'll be looking to source relevant parts for that :facepalm: - frameset received slowing building a picture of parts required but nothing other than a saddle acquired

Bought a Yeti Ultimate frameset :D :roll:

Possibly soon picking up a bike I’ve had on my wanted list for years! (See signature) :D :roll:

Surely I'm not alone? Please? :oops:

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