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So to get back to Tomac... he and Ned did a podcast some time back on Payson McElveen’s show, where they openly discussed doping problem, their racing rivalry, teams and styles of racing etc.

Again he’s says there was doping in BMX in the 80ies, Road Racing in the 90ies and XC in the mid 90ies and got fed up and just left and moved on! Not much point in doping in Downhill Racing. Enjoy...

That podcast was mega, well worth a listen. 🎧


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That podcast was mega, well worth a listen. 🎧
If you really want to blow your mind, Payson also has one with Julia Furtado. It’s a little raw at start (he hasn’t done many interviews and she doesn’t do many interviews) but her story is absolutely amazing!



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Tomac claimed in a video interview a fair few years ago he suspected the Europeans were doping from the early 90s. Maybe sour grapes, nobody will ever now for sure. Interesting thread tbh, just watching the lance Armstrong documentary on iplayer. Very Interesting and eye opening fron all accounts and also the good hosts career did long term for others with the LAF and livestrong.


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If you find the subject of doping in sport interesting, check out the film 'Icarus' (it was on netflix last I checked). Its pretty good, and worth the watch.

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you weren't at the Malvern's and other downhill events mid to late 90s then.

Sure it wasn't performance enhancing drugs, but you couldn't move for people smoking weed.

People were making into cakes and all sorts, if you walked through the campsite after the parties you didn't even need to smoke, you just got high.

But then, they were doing the same in the 70s.

This exactly

Late 80s early 90s was just a period where drugs (performance and recreational) seemed to be everywhere and MTB racing was no exception! I remember some pretty wild nights camping before racing!

Tomac brought something to the table that others didn't at the and skill that he'd honed riding BMX. Probably one of my favourite riders of all time.