TimKrik's Feedback Thread

I got a very nice set of Ringle holey's from Tim. Never seen something arriving so quickly from the States onto my doormat. Thanks!
didn't buy or sell anything to tim this time. instead he helped me out in contacting, meeting and negotiating with a seller on my behalf, and then buying, packing and shipping the frameset to me!

AMAZING GUY!!! :cool:
Nice seatpost from Tim.Good communications~Well packed and arrived quicker than stuff posted in UK.
Thanks Andy :D
I got a nice m900 headset from Tim and am very happy with my purchase. the comms were prompt and the shipping fast and well packed and the price was really good over half off other similarily priced items on ebay
Got some klein grips...can't wait to receive them. Tim is very fair guy, go for him.
Will tell when i will receive the pack. Hope to skip custom.
I bought some Klein Grips. Fast shipping, fair pricing, nice communication. Perfect, highly recommended. :)
timkrik":1ok4o7ik said:
Please let me know how I am doing in the community!

You're top of the class Tim! :D

Tim responded to my request of help from someone across the "pond", he bought, carefully packaged, and then shipped an item to me which otherwise I wouldn't have been able to come by.
I can't thank Tim enough, a real gentleman.

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