Time to do something with my 1995 Raleigh Mtrax 2000


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I picked up this neglected Raleigh a good while back and it has been sitting in my "must get around to it" pile ever since.
Last night I applied WD40 to where I thought things might be sticky or stuck.
This morning I have removed all the junk that tends to come with bike projects (old lights, bike computer paraphernalia etc.), removed the cable outers and applied some more WD40.
This is how she stands now. I have not yet decided what I am going to do beyond dismantling and cleaning/servicing everything?


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Retro Guru
I spent an hour this morning and hour after lunch continuing the strip down. I have a nearly bare frame to work on

The only problems so far are pedals that are going to take some getting out of the cranks, a disintegrating plastic cup on the bb which should make extraction interesting 🤦 and the headset and steered tube appear keen to stay stuck together lol