Thru axle or QR?


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For a touring frame (my Dave Yates). Am thinking of swapping to a disc fork, for better braking. Just not happy with the cantis, but that's for another thread. Current fork is QR, and I will be building the wheel with a rim brake compatible rim, so I can go back to the original fork if needed without too much hassle. The Surly Disc trucker fork looks perfect, and measures the same as the current fork. Have posted a wanted ad, but don't hold out much hope of finding a good used one at reasonable price. Assuming I have to go with a new one, I have a choice of TA or QR. Apart from the price difference, what else should I be aware of? I know TA hubs can be converted to QR, but not the other way round (usually). Are there any issues with the thru axles themselves? Which would you choose?
Depends on the hub as to whether they can be converted, many modern ones are designed to accept either options with adapters. I'm sure others can be converted if they are sealed bearings of a standard size and another makes adapter can fit.

I'm about to go back in time on a build and fit some qr forks as I've bought a wheelset which I don't think can run qr, but my modern builds run ta, as it's easier to find forks and wheels, and if the marketing is to be believed, they are stiffer.

I don't think it makes a huge amount of difference tbh, but I'm a recreational rider so probably never going to notice the fine margins/difference.
Yes my thinking is also that I won't notice the difference... have never used TA though so interested to hear what others have to say about it!
For disk brakes if there is a choice I’d always go thru axle. Stiffer, more secure but with little weight penalty. Especially on a touring frame if you are running heavy panniers.
Most decent hubs for the past decade have used push in adaptors and are a quick swap back and forth. Even if you are buying second hand you’ll easily find these for Hope or DT hubs.
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I run a set of 27.5” hope wheels on two bikes and use adaptors to convert them from QR on one bike to thru-axle on the other.

Damned if I can tell the difference when riding but the thru-axle looks cleaner.
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Good point about disc brakes. I find with qrs they don't always sit in the exact same position and have to be adjusted a bit to not cause the brakes to rub. I don't get that with ta.

The only thing that bugs me a bit about tas is the front and rear qrs don't match, a bugger for OCD sufferers. It helps me a bit if you use a bolt ta rather than qr, a bit more stealthy and nothing to catch on during rides.
I can see the advantages to TA, but I think for ease of backwards compatibility in my case a QR would work best. I used to have QR disc on my parkpre and never had a problem (admittedly I didn't ride it a huge amount). There's also the cost - I can get a surly disc trucker 26" in QR delivered for £115, the TA version is £200... Also means I can have matching skewers to keep Ian's OCD under control :)
I have thru axles and qrs across a few bikes. I would not run a rotor bigger than 160mm with a front qr and i would always use a shimano qr - they seem much more secure than others. I would steer well clear of lightweight qr skewers in combination with disc brakes. Other than that all good.
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just to add, for future proofing, most recent hope hubs can be swapped back & fore from quick release, to both 15 & 20mm thru axle.. & back again..