Thorn Expedition retro-mod, now with added retro

Mark Manley

Old School Hero
I aquired this rather nice Thorn Expedition frameset from the mid 1990s a few years ago and decided as it was going to be an everyday utility bike to dress it up as a 1950s Raleigh sports in homage to the first adult bike I had as a teenager, it was used for a couple of years like that but I have now added more retro and a pair of 32/40 spoke SA hubs from the '30s which were in a bad state and I had powder coated.
Here it was in its previous incarnation.

Thorn 10 - Copy.jpg

And almost backdated.

IMG_1283 - Copy.JPG

IMG_1284 - Copy.JPG

Mark Manley

Old School Hero
More changes and more white bits than a nudist beach on the first day of spring, the cruiser tyres are the only practical change and make a big difference on rougher roads and for some reason apart from an everyday hack this is now my bike of choice for leisure rides over my more hi-tech bikes, low gearing ensures I can get up most of the hills around here of which there are many and yes I intend to paint the chainring black.
I am after a set of white rubbers for a pair of vintage Raleigh pedals waiting to replace those horrible cheap one that are on there if anyone knows where I can get some, branding is not important they just need to be 90mm long.

Thorn 18 - Copy.JPG
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