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Hi, I'm selling some parts from the stash to help fund a few current builds and more builds in future.. If you think my prices are way out, please PM me and let me know where they should be. Collection from Leicester (England) for Item 001 is preferred.
OK. I'll caveat this post by saying that I am absolutely no AMP expert, I took lots of advice when building my own AMP based full suspension bike (95 Litespeed Obed FS) and know there is a difference in building a bike with AMP Research and RockShox calipers that you need to be aware of....

I am reliably informed by my advisors that if you use AMP calipers then you need a 152mm (6") Front rotor and a 133mm (5.23") rear rotor. But, if you chose RockShox then you need to use a 163mm (6.4") front rotor and a 145mm (5.7") rear rotor. So RockShox managed to somehow make their calipers use the same mounts as AMP calipers but their calipers are roughly 1/2" longer than AMP Research hence needing larger rotors!! (I'm now wondering if this need for increased rotor surface area is because RockShox calipers/rotors were designed for Boxxer forks and they needed more stopping power downhill than an (XC) AMP bike?) And this is why we need standards to make our lives easier when building things with building blocks.....

So if you want to use period correct AMP or RockShox disc hubs, calipers and rotors on your AMP frames and forks you need the following: Hub that takes 3 bolt rotors. Can be AMP Research, RockShox or Formula. Your choice of caliper will determine the size of your rotor as per the above paragraph, but you need to find the correct caliper mount. There are specific AMP front and rear caliper mounts and I don't have any for sale, sorry. So unless you have the mounts you need, you will likely need to place a wanted ad on here and/or on the Ampoholics facebook web page. The AMP and RockShox calipers are cable pull so your existing canti/V brake brake lever is fine.

If you want to use 'modern' disc calipers, there is a chap on here (from Canada or USA IIRC) who was selling adapters to enable you to use modern IS mount (and post mount?) calipers. I bought a few of those sets in 2016/7 when first available but can't advise on which rotors sizes are needed for those as I went down the RockShox road as Gold looked better on my build than silver..

AMP Research / RockShox / White Industries
Item 001: B4 Frame (Medium) and F1 Forks, Red springs on both. Ritchey aheadset, Ritchey Stem, AMP aheadset top cap, unbranded seatpost, seatpost clamp, M737 Front mech - £300

Item 003: 1x RockShox WI Front Disc Hub, NOS, QR - £100 each.

Item 004: 1x RockShox WI Front Disc Hub, NOS, QR, has scuffs from previous poor storage - £90 each.

Item 006: 1x White Industries Front Disc Hub, NOS, 20mm (Boxxer?) axle - £100

Item 007: 1x White Industries Rear Disc Hub - Used 135mm - £200

Item 008: 1x Deore XT M737 Rear Hub with AMP adapter, Used - £75

Item 010: 1x AMP D1 Front Brake kit, caliper & Rotor (no hub) - NOS, NIB - £200

Item 012: 1x RockShox WI Rotors, NOS, 162mm?? New in Bag with bolts - £50 each

Item 013: 1x RockShox WI Rotors, NOS, 162mm?? New in Bag with bolts - £50 each

Item 014: 1x RockShox WI Rotor, Used, 162mm?? - £40

Item 015: 1x RockShox WI Rotor, Used 144mm - £40

Item 019: 1x AMP brake caliper, NOS, Silver, finish is dull/is not shiny, has IS mount bracket, unused brake pads and retaining spring, has no rubbers, has no cable clamp. £70

020: 1x AMP brake caliper, NOS, Silver, is very shiny, unused brake pads, NO IS mount bracket, part number D6667 (The Devil's brake calliper???o_O) - £100

More bits to come...



SOLD: Many thanks
Item 002: 1x RockShox Disc Caliper used - £75 - SOLD 05 06 24
Item 005: 1x White Industries Rear Disc Hub - 110mm?? NOS - £220 (you can get adapters to make it 135mm) - SOLD 05 06 24
Item 009: 1x AMP D1 Front Brake kit, Hub, caliper & rotor - NOS, NIB - £250 - SOLD 06 06 24
Item 011: 2x RockShox Brake kit, NOS, NIB, calipers, rotors, manuals, decals, F&R 183+144mm rotors 1997/8 - £400 the pair. Would prefer not to split - SOLD 06 06 24
Item 016: 1x Ringle Moby Seatpost, Silver, 27.2, 380mm. Used but other than a very feint line between 7 and 8cm lines (where it was held in a shim??) and a small scuff at bottom of post, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was NOS - £150 - SOLD 06 06 24
Item 017: 1x Ringle Zooka, Silver, 130mm. Used with some slight damage to decals - £110 - SOLD 06 06 24
Item 018: 1x pair Ringle Twisters, Silver. Used with some small scuffs on rear handle. £100 - SOLD 06 06 24
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AMP Calipers.
D1728 appears to be missing the brake cable bolt attachment.

Used Rockshox Caliper on right. (2x NOS on left and centre are from RockShox Disc Kits and are sold)

RockShox / White Industries Hubs:
The F and R hubs on the right of the pic are branded as White Industries, not RockShox-White Industries as is the front centre rear hub. Botom Right one is sold.

RockShox Disc Kits: - SOLD
Both come with manuals, additional info, decals, and includes the 2x NOS calipers from the first pic.

RockShox and AMP Rotors:
Top 2 used, Top left is RockShox, Top Right one is AMP, bottom 2 are RockShox NOS & NIB with bolts.

Thanks for looking
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Pics of AMP D1 Front Brake Kits:
With Amp Hub: SOLD

Without Hub:
And both together:
Both calipers have both rubbers

Pic of AMP B4 & F1 F&F: Bought in 2018 and has been in storage ever since :rolleyes:.Was freshly powder coated when I got it and I have the decals for the frame somewhere in the stash... XT Front mech not shown in this pic.


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Hey man!

I'm very interested in the NOS rear W.I. rock shox hub, and possibly a rock shox disc brake if you have one with a rear adapter?

Thank you very much! 🤙
Sorry - after looking again, I could be interested in the 135mm WI rear hub you think it would polish up fine? Unless you know where I can pick up these adapters from 110-135mm?
And I'll need a rear rotor too...please let me know if any or all of these are still possible.

Thank you very much,