The Myrah Fat Chance ... Is Done :)

Couple more shots of the frame. Condition wise, it was probably a 6/10. It cleaned up pretty well, but the decals on the DT were done and it was missing some of the other decals that had been removed and left a bit of an outline. Given the history on the bike, it wasn't a going to be a repaint, but I had to replace and add a couple of decals to get it to race spec.

The rear brake setup sorta shows the effort made to keep it light. I can't believe it held up and is still fine.


It took a bit of time to sift through and acquire enough pics to get the build spec. I took a couple of well-educated guesses on a couple parts I wasn't 100% sure of, but for the most part I'd say its spot on Myrah's OG race rig.

How's it ride? First off, its super cool to own and ride it. Seems like such a crazy thing that I get it do so. Ride quality is good, but stretched out for me. Don was taller than me and had a very aggressive setup on it with a 24" TT and 150mm stem so its not something I can make a regular rider out of. It sure is fun though.

Frame: Fat Chance Custom Spec

Fork: Custom Box Crown, with riffled steer

Headset: Campy
Stem: Ritchey
Handlebar: Answer Taperlite
Grips: Ritchey

Brakes: Campy
Brake Pads: Campy
Brake Cables: Campy
Cantilever cable hangers: Campy
Brake Levers: Campy

Shifters: Campy
Front Derailleur: Campy
Rear Derailleur: Campy
Derailleur Cables: Campy
Cassette: Campy
Chain: Campy
Cranks: Campy
Crank Bolts: Campy
Chainrings: Campy
Chainring bolts: Campy
Bottom Bracket: Campy
Pedals: Suntour XC Pro

Hub Skewers: Campy
Rims: Campy
Hubs: Campy
Nipples: DT
Spokes: DT
Tyres: Ritchey
Tubes: MEC

Saddle: Avocet
Seatpost: Campy
Seatpost Binder: Campy


Zero hyperbole to say this is one of the greatest vintage builds I’ve ever seen.

Which is saying something after your benchmark Merlin.