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So, here's my bike.
It's a nice bike, and I've ridden it as intended for 35+ years after having it made to measure all that time ago.
As I mentioned a few years ago on here this was a custom build, basically a Phantom, being a full Max OR frameset, but with a sloping tt and straight Max forks as that's what I wanted.
It's fast as hell, accelerates and climbs brilliantly and still looks fab to my eyes.

Sadly, as you can see from the second pic it's developed a crack at the base of the down tube. It actually goes a lot farther around, and seems to have started near that pulley boss.
So, what to do. I think I'd be looking at a tidy weld up rather than tube replacement and full respray, but I want the frame to last another 35 years, so may have to accept that it would be better to strip the lot and deal with any issues at all.

Any thoughts?


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Might be worth contacting Roberts in the first instance and see what they recommend? I know they aren't active any more but think some of their ex mechanics were still taking on repairs until recently, and some of the framebuilders moved onto a new place.

Also: lovely bike 😍
I would suggest sending it to ex Roberts frame builder Winston Vaz and asking him to do whatever is necessary for it to last another 35 years

Liked for the beautiful bike, not for the crack.

I´ve also had one of my bikes for 30+ years and I would totally do the same and try to save it.
Seems like you will be able to get hold of a former builder though, that´s a big plus!
Agree. Whatever they charge will be worth it to preserve all those memories and to continue the story on into the future. I would pay to keep my old bike working which whilst not cheap certainly isn’t in the same class as your!
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One way to look at it.
You had your moneys worth already, many times over, in fact the bike owes you nothing.

What would it cost to get a new bike of similar quality?

Any repairs to get this one back on the trail will certainly cost much less than that. The bike has probably earned a bit of TLC.
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