Tell me about my wheel (late 70s early 80s?)


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Acquired a nice wheel recently. Campag record hub, which I think is 70s/80s. The spokes and rim are more interesting


Rim is a tubular. Polished silver. Eyelets. 32 spokes. Closest thing I've found online is a Mavic monthlery, but it could be a brand that went away before my (90s onward) era

Spokes have a slight aero flattening to them, but no mark on the heads. Radial laced so I'm assuming TT wheel?

All up with a tufo S3 on and no skewer it weighs 960g

So what spokes and rim do I have here?
Gut feeling tells me Super Champion like arc en ciel or similar model… 🤔
Seem to recall there was a date on the cone or locknut.

The spokes were radial for TT BITD (70's) as they were shorter and hence were shorter / lighter, after all we were drilling holes in everything. Fashion allegedly had nothing to do with it lol.

Aero spokes are a little odd if 70's as if someone said aero we assumed it was a chocolate bar!

As for the rims they look anonymous, I trained on Fiamme and raced on Superchampion but around my time rim makers seemed to be buying each other out and rims were sometimes homogeneous.
Great info both, thanks. Braking surface is really tiny to my eye, perhaps that's a clue?

I got it from a pile of stuff outside a house clearance labelled 'free, please take' and judging by the wide selection of tools and odd bits etc there the previous owner was a long time tinkerer so may have rebuilt it later. The hub is as smooth as any I've ever felt so I'm loathe to remove the locknuts.


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Unless there's a fault you should never touch the axle of a Campagnolo hub from that era. The shoulders of the rim appear to be too round for how I remember Fiamme and Mavic. The spokes suggest early aero stuff so probably early 1980s and they'll most likely be stainless steel. A bit of work with Autosol and the whole thing (hub, rim and spokes) will gleam.
I've handled a lot of cup and cone hubs in my time and this one is one of the smoothest so I'm leaving it well alone! I've got some autosol so I'll give it a quick buff
A quick experimental buffing revealed the witness mark of a rectangular decal with sharp corners that was over the joint.
Wolber decals were often rectangular.

Doesn't bother me at all taking cup and cone hubs, BB or headsets apart. They were designed to come apart for servicing
Seem to recall there was a date on the cone or locknut.
Yes, more often than not there was a year marked on the inside face of lock nuts. I've got a couple in my box of spares that are plain but all the rest have markings. Cones were marked with their idiosyncratic mixture of metric diameter and Imperial thread TPI.

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