SUNTOUR XC PRO - NOS and Used Brakes / Pedals / Spares


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Mix of Suntour XC Pro Parts.

All prices exclude postage and more photos on request!

Used XC Pro Pedals.
Gold cages. Good but used condition. Some wear as can be seen. Stickers mostly worn.

£95 plus shipping

NOS Suntour XC Pro SE Cantilever Brake set
Some storage wear but in nice condition. Comprises front and rear calipers with the rears being Pederson Self Energising. Includes new pads, box and black yokes as well as two fixing bolts (not 4). IMPORTANT - 1 x front caliper is missing spring and plastic sleeve to back (see photo)

Price - removed from sale

Suntour NOS Jockey Wheel
One new Jockey wheel and various parts in original packaging.

Price £15

Suntour Chain
Used Chain. Needs a good lube. From a bike with minimal miles applied.

Price £20 / SOLD


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Dirt Disciple
I'm interested in the front '92 Cantis (CT-XP20?) but not the rear '91 SEs (CT-XP10?). Would you consider splitting?

Also, respectfully, can I check the pricing? The '91 SEs come up regularly online for about twenty quid and SJS are currently selling brand new pairs for £5 - so wondering if the £125 is a typo?



Senior Retro Guru

Thanks for heads up. Will check out those prices but I did have a dig around to see where prices were at before listing. As its fr and r boxed - I think I would rather sell as a whole for now at least.

Edit - just checked SJS - wow that’s an insane price. May have to keep mine if they’re at that price right now. Wish SJS would sell Shimano m730/2 at these prices!