Sunn exact team disc flex 97


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meassured my caliper.. also found a thread here where someone mentioned hope c2 caliper 1 having same mount pre IS as the formula evo i'm now running.. see pic.. really hoping these have same caliper mount

caliper on drawing seen from bikes left side ;)


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renaldo":3smndh2x said:
...would X0 work much better?

ooohh yes :p but like u i very much prefer the looks of betsy, at least the blue and red ;) it comes down to cage lenght.. the 9.0sl now mounted has a pretty weak spring and is a bit worn and loose, so no upgrade there from the betsy, even though the 9.0sl is a short cage.. have x0 on another bike and that's my quiet bike - how i want it.. betsy spring is pretty hard, damn there's no short cage for it


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LucasARG":1pqs0uaq said:
I Love it!!! I'm a big fan of Sunn...:D
the color combination, the syncros stem and seatpost look fabulous (by the way, what size it is?)

P.S.: Can you do me a favour? When you remove the top tube decal, please take a picture and let me know... I was looking for it for a long time,
it's the only thing left to finish my '97 Xircuit

I've got one if you want it.


It's from a set Gil_M did for me.

Or have a word with Gil.


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I've just scored a Team Chipie frame (NOS) that runs the same Formula rear brake can you please send me a better picture of the brake as I will need to source one or have a bracket made up so I can fit a modern brake.