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I want to put on a set of marzocchi bombers onto my bike but the steerer is too short. I have an old pace steerer that i was hopefully going to fit.
The pace steerer is 1inch all the way. The too short marz steerer is 1 1/8 bottom and 1inch.

Can I fit a shim to the 1inch steer to fit the marz crown or will I need to find a marzocchi crown and if so could someone point me in the right direction.


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The marz steerer will have a taper for the crown race in addition to being the right size for the crown.

I theory you could shim another steerer to fit, but I'd be wary and try and find the right steerer for the job.


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From personal experience a Marzocchi 1" steerer is 25.4mm(1") until it reaches the part that fits into the fork crown where it swells to the width required for a crown race for a 1" headset. You then have a shim that takes it out to 30mm diameter to be clamped in the fork crown. If the shim is present then track down a longer steerer.
Aternatively here is a bodge that I have found works but is not everyone's cup of tea. Get a short length of 30mm aluminium tube with as near as damit internal diameter of 1 inch which will be your shim. Get a length of 1" steel tube with an internal diameter of as near as damit 22.2mm(7/8") this will be your steerer. Get a metal 25.4mm - 26.4mm seatpost shim which will allow you to fit crown race.
Cut your 30mm shim to length required then cut a slot down one side, this will allow shim to be tightened around steerer by fork crown clamping bolts. Put steerer in and clamp everything together. Put 26.4 shim on steerer upside down with lip downward and slide down to crown. Fit crown race and fit star nut to steerer.
Assemble in bike and voila!
At this point someone always chimes in with that cannot possibly be safe. But think to yourself, what is the original equipment made of, yes that's right, steel and aluminium clamped together with bolts!