Wanted SRP The Brakes Hardware


Senior Retro Guru
May be a long shot. Looking for two pieces of SRP hardware from the 1990’s:

1) Allen head bolt - titanium, thread 5mm, allen tool m5
2) cable washer

Both are used to tighten a brake cable to the cantilever brake arm. Something close would also be a compromise if the part looks close to the same as the originals in the photos here. Thank you! F3E5A9A4-E17E-4665-8412-9F3A2D5C71D4.jpeg
8127AE7A-3545-4A02-BA3A-9296F151C61B.jpeg 0A1595FA-F64E-482D-8856-C726F0093AD3.jpeg 5D1C24F5-0C84-43E5-8B58-B1102C46C017.jpeg 1A99FB99-09FC-447D-BD86-D8C4C621F0AA.jpeg

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