Splatter Paint Feedback Thread

Steve Kish

Senior Retro Guru
He (Mike) expressed an interest in my Kona, came along with the cash, bought in 5 minutes, no nonsense, deal done.

Cheers Mike. :cool:
i bought some dh armour off mike , he was freindly , posted it the next day and was better than discribed ;)

top guy , man of his word and highly recomended :D
A nice box of 'Celebrations' arrived safely from SP. Sadly there was no chocolate, but the tin was crammed full of DX and XT mechs and brakes.

Who needs chocolate when you can get a tin full of bike parts for a great price?

Good stuff. :D
Mike sent me some as new Project 2's, and he was right they were as new!
They were also posted super quick as they arrived before a load of stuff i bought on RB way before I bought the P2's off him!!!!
Plus they were very well packaged, and I fitted them in no time.
Happy days!!! :D :D :D
Sold me an XT mech, posted really well packed, really quickly, and gave great comms the whole way through.

Very happy mate cheers for an easy transaction.