Specialized Stumpjumper FS 1995


Kona Fan
Before disassembly.
IMG_20191125_131639061.jpgGone all to pieces. Weird note: both S decals on the left side of the legs. Was this spec? Seems odd to have one facing the wheel.IMG_20191128_122333462.jpg

All the seals and spacers in their proper places.
Be warned: if you do the full rebuild, there is one extremely finicky piece. The long rod which connects the adjustment knob on to to the damping valve on the bottom needs to be aligned perfectly, or considerable damage can be done to the valve. I believe it removes all damping adjustment if forced in a ham-fisted manner. Don't ask me how I know
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Also worth mentioning if you do the rebuild. There is a modification that can be done to increase travel
Not on your forks, your forks don't have the negative spring setup that they added to mag 21. And you have a modernised Mag20 in style.

I've rebuilt many of these over the past year, (mag and a few fs)
had a mate around a few weeks back to have them service and fix the leaking air. I had him redoing his own air seals while we chatted in the sun. 😂 he wasn't expecting that
To be fiat they were the Mag30 and they're a right royal pain of an airseal holder.

What are the inner rods like at the end, don't think I ever took an FS one out. They still have the circlip at the end then can come loose and rattle around.?

Oh and thanks for the Spesh manual, I've not had that put up before and never had one here. I'll get it up in the Archive with the rest of them.
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