Specialized S-Works M2 1998

Period correct build or JMC replica?

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So, I've bought this 1998 S-Works M2 frame originally to stick some spare M95# XTR stuff on.

However I've also got a pair of Rock Shox Judy FSXs I could stick on it, some red and silver Avid canti brakes and levers , some Odyssey triple traps, an umma gumma seat, Hugi wheels and M900 XTR etc.

Don't know what to do... :? Obviously this won't be an exact replica of the bike in question, (the frame is too modern for a start).

Answers please - period '98 build or rough replica?

Thanks :D


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M95* it up with the FSX's....
I seen one of these recently with Judy SL's and M95* and it looked great! Would look even better with FSX's.


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Would you be happy knowing that everything except the frame, the main part, would be an exact replica?
Perhaps build it up as a rep and keep a hunt on for the right frame?

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Always wanted a JMC rep! Had an 18' s works but was just to big to be a proper job. Very interested how this progresses!