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Hi All,
This was a recent FB purchase. Ignore the decals they are not lacquered over so I suspect they are not correct ?. Now I'm pretty sure it's a Specialized looking at the seat collar but I'm no expect. Headtube is 1" which may help date it but what's thrown me is the bosses in the downtube for a crud guard. I don't recall that on Specialized frames ?. The fame sounds quite 'pingy' so could be Stumpjumper, I see some SJ models did have the rack mounts on the seat stays but not others. Any ideas?. Component wise is a mix but wheels are deore lx on bx23 rims and the stem looks correct for a Specialized as well. The saddle, although Specialized, has a date stamp of 95 so I expect thats not original as they would have all been aheadset by then?.

If its a SJ I will probably get it powder coated and do a spares bin built, I've got some Profile Durango's needing a home so this could be just the ticket.

Thanks in advance.



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Cable stop bridge and seatpost collar looks like this one, perhaps a 93

This image, I believe, is from the catalogue for 93 Stumpy FS, which came equipped with the game changing FutureShock. If you can find that too, worth grabbingStumpy catalogue.PNG


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Catalog image taken form this sublime example thread:


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Thanks Matti. I also saw that one on the bikepacking site and it does seem like it could be one of those. Normally you can have an educated guess from the components but this is such a miss match its impossible to tell. I also thought it could be a FS, funny enough the only other early 90's SJ I have already owned. The one thing that casts doubt is the stem has a hole for the cable to pass through which I dont believe the FS would have had. That is of course assuming the stem is original to the bike. I think I will get it stripped down and see if there is any over spray on the steerer or BB shell which could hint to the original colour.

Anyone have any thoughts on the crud catcher bosses. That is really throwing me as I just dont remember specialized having them.


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It looks like a 1990 stump jumper comp to me. Have a look in the catalogue archive and you’ll see it or something very similar there.


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Graphics wise it's similar to a 1990 SJ Comp but the dropouts look different and the images for the 1990 I found dont have the rack mounts on the seat stays. So I think its later but I'm guessing only by a year or two as I think by 93/94 ? they have moved over to using aheadset.


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Looking at my 1994 Spesh catalogue, threaded headset would make it (much?) earlier than 93/94.

The presence (or absence) of guard/rack mounts is not an indicator of anything really - companies often swap parts, depending on supply or builder. I have a 1994 Specialized Allez Pro with guard mounts, and have seen another locally for sale recently, with them too, despite them not being 'standard'.