Specialized Crossroads - First retro project, 1994 frame but bought the wrong size?


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Hi Folks,

Recently picked up a Specialized Crossroads sight unseen and delivered in very clean (if not dusty!) condition, with a view to building it up as a drop bar gravel/touring bike on 38c (41c? 45c?) tyres.

It was advertised as a 22", which looking at the specialized catalogues for the year was the largest size available - I'm 6'1 and have a 58cm Allez + Langster, however did specialized measure these by top tube or seat tube for the year?

Centre crank to centre top is only 20", seatpost to head tube is pretty much bob on 22. Looking at some of the Trek Multitrack 23" frames they seem to have a longer headtube whereas it's particularly short on the crossroads. I can't find any sort of label/size on the frame itself, but may have missed something under the dirt!

Long story short I'm worried about running too much seat tube / too long a stem adapter up front to bring the bars up to the position I'm used to. If it turns out to be a 20, I'll find it a new home and go back to searching for a larger frame, if it is in fact a 22 and I'll not find anything larger, seatpost and stem it is!photo_2021-03-31_19-20-07.jpg


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Hello, sizing might be difficult with these hybrids. They were always measured by seat tube, sometimes center to center, sometimes center to top. The thing that matters is the top tube length, some have it quite too long or short. It is not comparable to road bikes as your Allez.

Anyway, you are as tall as I am (exactly) and I have one hybrid I really enjoy, so checked what size it is: seattube 51 cm c-c, 54 cm c-t. Top tube 58 cm center to center, stem on the photo is short but could use way longer. I usually ride 58-59 center to top road bikes and 48-52 center to top mountain bikes, so my taste is for smaller frames and long seatposts which might not be comfortable for everyone. Best way is to try, good luck!


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