Somethin cheap to turn to a SS...ya, that plan always works


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Searching through kijij to find something cheap to turn into a single speed, I came across this Brodie Catalyst in the next town. Wife preggers, bike's gotta go, yadda yadda yadda. Met the guy, hummed and hawed. Price kept going down with every haw. ;) Picked it up for way less than I had figured.


Finally finished, and I don't want to know what I spent. I went for (as my buddy is fond of saying) black on black with black accents.

Build list

Frame: Brodie Catalyst
Fork: Brodie unicrown
Headset: King
Stem: Race Face
Handlebar: Ritchey Pro
Grips: Oury BMX
Barends: not in my lifetime
Brakes: Avid Tr-Align II
Brake Pads: Kool Stop slimline - ceramic
Brake Cables: generic
Cantilever cable hangers: (f) tektro (r) custom
Brake Levers: Avid Ultimate Black-Ops
Shifters: none
Front Derailleur: none
Rear Derailleur: none
Derailleur Cables:
Cassette: none
Chain: 1/8" BMX
Cranks: Shimano 300 - powder coated black
Crank Bolts: Shimano
Chainrings: Sinz
Chainring bolts: generic BMX - black
Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN-71
Pedals: Shimano DX platforms
Hub Skewers: Shimano XT
Rims: Mavic 117 SUP Ceramic
Hubs: (f) Syncros (r) Shimano DX BMX
Nipples: steel
Spokes: DT - black
Tyres: Bontrager Select semi slicks
Tubes: Norco
Saddle: Selle Italia Flite
Seatpost: Thomson
Seatpost Binder: Brodie collar
Weight: don't care







The modern frame is V brake only. Had to make my own hanger. We're not busy at work at the moment....


Spent way to much money for what it is, but it's an evil looking little thing, and fun to ride.


Swapped out brakes/levers for Avid Tri-Align II canti/Avid Ultimate Black-Ops levers combo and Ritchey Pro bars. Avid listed Tri-Align II brakes as coming in black, but in all my years, have never seen any. Found a set of NOS red and a set of NOS blue ones, stripped the anodizing off them, and had then custom anodized flat black to match the Black-Ops levers.



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What a transformation :eek: that looks amazing :cool:


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Like it a lot , very similar visually to my explosif . Ie small and mostly black :LOL:

You've just got to love the DX pedal , had to stop using the real ones years ago due to the high cost and the damage :(


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Thats a great looking bike. Think I'd be after a shorter stem but the rest looks spot on! Oh and the hangar looks amazing.