Some days I just feel old


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Yup, 47 is the new whatever and listening to some Massive Attack I feel old

Having a musical memory that stretches back to the heady alternative electronica days of the late 1970's, I feel old and just old.

Nothing is relevant

The upside? I'm disgustingly healthy, its not right, I've seen close friends and family die and it doesnt feel right. Coming through child abuse and real nasty mental health issues I dont feel that I deserve to be here.

Maybe I should just lay off the cider on a furloughed Wednesday


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You say your healthy still, there's plenty of people I know that's our sort of age who aren't,hell I'm falling apart after spending a life time being indestructible.
Nothing wrong with bit of scrumpy on a week day,says me down in Wurzel territory!
Losing friends and loved ones Sure puts things into perspective a bit, it's made me reflect a bit after a recent death in the family.
I don't know you LGF, but you sound like a survivor, you've been through identical issues as myself and the fact we're still here must mean something?


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These days I have to consciously swerve the "age appropriate" brigade, the "should you be doing that at your age?" lot, and the "when are you going to grow up?!" Massive.
I'm a couple of years behind you LGF, but just remember age is but a number, House is a feeling, and you're never too old to drink cider on a Wednesday evening (I'm on Peroni today though... *!Hic!!!").


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In terms of years I'm not far behind you LGF, however if I was a car I'd be an insurance write-off (bonus points if you recognise the reference) My body's pretty high mileage & showing it.
I'm also surrounded by amazing keen young people at work just to make me feel that much older.
However it's not all bad we've had some superb things happen in our generation.
I was talking one of the great young people I work with & she was saying about Banksy, I said "lots of people think he's Robert 3D Del Naja from Massive attack" she replied "Who are Massive attack" suddenly I didn't feel so bad, although I did feel sorry for her.