For Sale SOLD Stunning 2006 Tommasini Carbo Fire with full Campag Chorus 11 sp groupset


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Selling here following disastrous eBay sale where buyer messed me around over shipping. Grab a blue beauty for a song!
F3A8984C-AC90-41E5-8614-383A0D8C5C61.jpegA couple of years ago I thought about selling my Tommasini, but didn't pluck up the courage. I've now not ridden it since, so need to get a grip. It's a 2006 CarboFire frame - Columbus Ultrafoco front end (lots of lovely weird tube profiles) with a carbon rear end and fork. It's silly light and a real delight to ride. Very comfortable but also seriously fast. Frame no 20060901.

Lots of detailed photos can be seen here.

I've built it up with a full Chorus 11 carbon groupset and Deda finishing kit. It's currently on Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels. It measures 55cm C-C seat-tube and 56C-C top-tube. Images below.

Condition is great. Frame was NOS to me about 5 years ago, and I bought everything else new from Comtat (receipt available). I've ridden it for 1000 miles max. There are some chips to the paintwork that I've tried to pick out in the pictures, and a tiny amount of bubbling to the lacquer on the carbon forks, but everything is in great nick basically. The red enamel has come out of the headbadge. I have not attempted to rectify this.

Pedals and saddle not included in sale

Looking for £945 collected from N15, and not interested in splitting.

Full specs:
Frame: Tommasini CarboFire frameset and carbon forks (55cm). Original integrated headset.
Full Campagnolo Chorus 11 carbon groupset
172.5 crank length
12-27 cassette
39/52 chainrings
Fulcrum Racing 3 wheels
Deda carbon seatpost
Deda Zero 100 bars (44cm)
Deda Zero stem (100cm) (scuffed top decals)
Continental Grand Prix 24c tyres - pretty much unused.


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Dirt Disciple
Should have stated it fits 25mm tyres no probs (photos with 24s as fitted). Haven’t tested 28s but would probably be fine.


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Your title is misleading where it says Campag Record but in truth is Chorus.........