sold 1989 - Ritchey Timber Comp searches new home


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Hi there,

this is a new build up 89 20" Ritchey Timber Comp - #0B688

I got this naked frame NOS, it came from a MTB treasury fund from Steelman´s Ray Schamal

here she is today after a nice journey all documented on my page: ... comp-1989/

The stem and fork have been a long and extensive hunt and trade show, same for the minty wheel set of Vantage rimes with Shimano 600 Ticolors and NOS Force duro tyres. The XT 732 groups finishes this build. A nice touch. The early Salsa ProMoto buldge bar.

So why do I sell here, only after 50kms nice ride - It is simple. I do have a P21 Team, a Plexus, P20 Team and soon Anna, Annapurna. This is enough in the Ritchey team competing with the Wilderness friends, my second passion.
So, I´m hoping to find a nice new home for her.
here some more impressions to convince someone with a heart for this green beauty

Some words on the condition of the frame. It took to long to build and I moved with my workshop in the meantime, so there are 2,3 1-2mm paint chips, even though I only rode her 50kms.

Again, many more pics and all details on the build: ... comp-1989/

Price: 1550€ . Shipped in Europe via DHL incl appropriate insurance comes extra, approx. 60€

Hence this is not a sale to finance something, I would also trade things, so e.g.
Frames - 19/20":: Fillet Salsa oder Brodie, Potts-WTB, Ibis, Toad, Steelman, Landshark, Otis Guy or ECS´s e.g. Rocky Summit, Yeti Ultimate, Alpinestar Mega ti, Merlin or a surprice
Parts: WTB, Potts, IRD, CBR, Salsa, Hot Rods crank
Tyres: NOS / minty Specialized Ground Control, old Panaracer, IRC racer


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mk one

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Re: Fancy 89 - Ritchey Timber Comp searches new home

:cool: very nice.

Love that colour and thats a nice stem too :)


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Thats the first Ritchey I think I've ever taken notice of, very nice job of it you've done there.

Sure it will find a home soon


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Re: Fancy 89 - Ritchey Timber Comp searches new home

Good luck with sale...looks very fine indeed, what shade of green is the main triangle. Very cool look.


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Re: Fancy 89 - Ritchey Timber Comp searches new home

Timber still searching:)